i carried a watermelon

unbridled enthusiasm

Bunny people
After exploring the show, TD waited to get in a taxi and head back to the airport
Theo at 16 months wearing daddy’s socks #tbt
Homemade crayons!
First slide together!
FTT fun with the cousins
#siblings #canttakethemanywhere
Tiny Duckie tried to figure out where he could strap a gopro for his next swim.
Part 2: Tiny duckie is an expert flyer. He doesn’t even have any feet, so no need to worry about pesky tsa shoe removal policy. He settled right in on the flight to a crossword puzzle.  #tinyduckieadventures
Part 1: the travelers were up, ready and out the door before 4am! #tinyduckieadventures
#tinyduckie tagged along to #nab again. Like if you want to see more tiny duckie adventures in Vegas
It’s raining toothpicks